TV & video projects

Here are some videos I have developed, shot, edited and produced. 

The Vertebrate Genomes Project

The Vertebrate Genomes Project is the plan to sequence all vertebrates on Earth. There are around 66,000 vertebrates.

Here’s an animation about the first group of reference-grade genomes:

Since that video was produced, the research team has generated many more genomes than these first 15. Information about the project’s progress can be found here.)

And here’s my mini-documentary about the Vertebrate Genomes Project


I have produced projects for these networks:

ARTE (France and Germany). At ARTE, I was a commissioning and senior producer of theme evenings.

I produced documentaries with and for these networks:
Channel 4  (UK)
Discovery (US)
HR (Germany)
RTVE (Spain)
TV Cultura (Brazil)
WDR (Germany)
ZDF (Germany)

A conversation about neuroscience
The 2018 president of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Richard Huganir from Johns Hopkins University and Frances Jensen of the University of Pennsylvania, who chairs SfN’s public education and communication committee in conversation with Nature Neuroscience editor Jean Mary Zarate and Sachin Ranade from Nature Communications

*a video with a brainy word game,
*a video with some highlights about the 2018 SfN annual meeting +gene therapy, +cannabis and the brain, + jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, +plasticity +social behaviors, +desiloing neuroscience, +machine learning and neuroscience,+what matters when neuroscientists communicate their work, also to the general public?
*a video with some comments about machine learning,

*a video with the complete conversation

Watch them on the Nature Research Bioengineering Community site, follow the links to the individual videos above or watch them from here.

A conversation about neuroscience: a brainy word game

A conversation about neuroscience: the complete conversation

A conversation about neuroscience: machine learning

A conversation about neuroscience: some highlights from SfN 2018

Eric Nestler (left) and Robert Greene
Jean Mary Zarate and Sachin Ranade

Video: a conversation about neuroscience November, 2017
With Eric Nestler, president of the Society for Neuroscience and researcher at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and Robert Greene, researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Moderators: Jean Mary Zarate, Nature Neuroscience and Sachin Ranade, Nature Communications

A collaboration between Nature Neuroscience, Nature Methods and Nature Communications

Sally Temple and Lorenz Studer


Video: A conversation about stem cells with Sally Temple, Neural Stem Cell Institute and Lorenz Studer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Moderated by Tal Nawy. Nature Methods multimediaJune 2017

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