A bit more about me

Here’s a link to my blog: à propos

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney tell a story: Destino.

It’s a beautiful animation, a surreal, creative love story.

Here’s a piece about narwhals trapped in the ice.-A story about a French-American research team studying experienced violinists to see whether or not they heard a Stradivarius.

A story about bellyaches in different cultures.

My past story and project themes include:

innovation nuns earnings imaging science policy sperm pain killers birds Web 2.0 telecommunications MEMS cancer noses RNAi oceanography bats machine learning brain-drain hieroglyphs zoos IPOs microfluidics databases natural catastrophes marmosets statistics comets neurons biofilms newborns chromosomes public health business plans base-editing cryo-EM data viz libraries space saliva sequencing X-ray free electron lasers biotechnology markets open hardware digital devices redwood trees reproductive medicine space exploration benchmarking monkeys chemistry saints mechanobiology ambiguity chemical synthesis super-resolution antibodies glaciers neurons microbiomes advertising statistics CRISPR microbes chocolate bridges stem cells Mayan culture startups research policy brittlestars acquisitions fluorophores regeneration microscopy GPUs stem cells animation relationships plants collaboration malaria particle accelerators SARS-COV-2 materials neuronal circuits science sharing and not sharing tissue engineering male circumcision nanotech noncoding RNAs data integration dogs high-energy physics bridges geology algorithms mentoring explorers bacteria pigeons spectroscopy

Journalist, writer, videographer, podcaster, baby Pythonista