Some web projects

Here are a few projects I am developing.


When people post comments about stories they read, see, or hear, the lists can get unwieldy. SeeSaw weighs the comments’ content and tone and delivers icons to readers that reflect these thoughts and emotions.

We are developing SeeSaw and hope to have a beta up and running soon.

Wikis are great because they can draw on contributions from a large crowd. Right now, these wikis are hosted at Columbia University, so only members of the Columbia community can see them and comment. But I hope to grow these wikis beyond that realm to the world at large and find reasonably priced hosting for them. If you have tips/ideas, please let me know.

A wiki that will be an online catalog of documentary film.

A wiki with resources about digital storytelling.

A blog that follows the discussion about the illegal medical experiments on Guatemalans in the 1940s.

I have a few more ideas, please stay tuned. These projects are all just seedlings, but I hope they grow to be useful to many people.

I enjoy kinetic typography. Here’s a little experiment I did. No copyright infringement intended.