I am an award-winning  journalist, writer, editor, videographer and fledgling software developer. My themes are from all over the world and from the realms of science, medicine, technology, business, the arts. I tell stories with words, images, data, info-graphics, audio and video.

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My work has appeared here:
Newspapers: The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal Europe, The Boston Globe, Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungHandelsblatt, Süddeutsche ZeitungDie WeltDie Zeit, Facts, Weltwoche.

Magazines and websites: The Economist, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, The Lancet, New Scientist, Popular Science, Red Herring, Science Magazine, Scientific American.com, Der Spiegel, MIT’s Technology Review, Utah CEO, Chemical & Engineering News, GenomeWeb/BioInform, Genomics & Proteomics, Drug Discovery & Development.


Here, I am collecting samples with teammates; we were volunteers with a marine biology research project. We were called the ‘goats;’ we spent our time on sharp, slippery rocks to get to the tide-pools. The cool kids did the diving and underwater tasks.

Here’s are some new videos I have produced about the Vertebrate Genomes Project. That’s the plan to sequence all vertebrates on Earth.

Here’s a video about the first group of reference-grade genomes

And here’s a mini-documentary about the Vertebrate Genomes Project

And here is a story about embryo-editing. It’a a look beyond ‘rogue’ scientists.

And here is a story on machine learning. 


My past story and project themes include:

innovation nuns R&D earnings imaging science policy sperm pain killers birds Web 2.0 telecommunications MEMS cancer noses RNAi oceanography brain-drain hieroglyphs zoos IPOs microfluidics databases natural catastrophes marmosets statistics comets biofilms newborns chromosomes public health business plans base-editing cryo-EM data viz libraries space saliva sequencing X-ray free electron lasers biotechnology markets open hardware digital devices space exploration monkeys chemistry saints ambiguity super-resolution antibodies glaciers neurons advertising statistics earnings microbes chocolate bridges stem cells Mayan culture research policy acquisitions fluorophores regeneration microscopy GPUs higher education patents aging RAM medicine public-private initiatives CRISPR coaching dyes synapses partnerships microscopy stem cells animation venture capital advertising climate textiles sequencing perovskites dentistry ancient DNA nanotech microscopy relationships plants malaria particle accelerators materials neuronal circuits science sharing and not sharing tissue engineering male circumcision nanotech noncoding RNAs data integration dogs high-energy physics bridges geology algorithms mentoring explorers bacteria pigeons spectroscopy servants standards crowd-sourcing business partners genomics microwaves television computing antibodies television the brain vaccines multiferroics running invasive species text-mining acoustics plankton comparative genomics drug development gene-editing civil engineering animals start-ups proteomics newspapers physics comets patients pharmacogenomics simulation angels wikis philanthropy double lives counterfeiting standardized tests steam film